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Download Bigo Live Connector PC | Bigo Live Connector is an app launched by Bigo Technology. After the success of Bigo Live, they have stepped ahead with this new application called Bigo Live Connector. With over 50 Million Bigo Live – Live Stream Users, Bigo Live Connector – Bigo launches its new application, “Bigo Live Connector“, where you can share your PC screen or your mobile screen to Bigo Live Community easily. Bigo Connector is very useful as it attracts users to stream their PC directly. Bigo Live PC connector is essential for all the Bigo live users as it allows you to stream PC games.

Bigo Live Connector for PC

Bigo Live Connector is available for Windows PC. The minimum requirement is a Windows 7 OS installed on your device. PCs with Windows 7 and above can install and utilize the benefits of Bigo Connector. You can download Bigo Live Connector PC on the direct website or by clicking the download button below. Bigo Live Connector iPhone is available to be download as well.

Features of Bigo Live Connector PC

  1. You have access to add the camera, image, and texts to your Live screen in Bigo Connector.
  2. One can easily switch the capture mode present on the Live screen.
  3. You are able to view the viewers who are seeing your live streaming in the tools menu.
  4. We can interact with the audience in your room.
  5. You have access to directly reply to a particular audience present in your live room with Bigo Live PC Connector.
  6. Bigo Live connector can be launched directly through the app.

Bigo Live Connector Installation Process for PC

Step 1: Download the Bigo Live Connector for PC from the link.

Download Bigo Live Connector.

Step 2: Once the Bigo PC Connector gets downloaded, then install it on your PC.

Bigo Live Connector Download
Once downloaded, Double click and select language. Then click Ok

Step 3: Launch the Bigo Live Connector application from your PC.

Bigo Live Connector Download
Bigo Live Connector Download
Click I Agree
Bigo Live Connector Download
Once Installed – Click Finish

Step 4: There are two options (Game Capture and Screen Capture).

Bigo Live Connector Download

Game Capture: Bigo Connector will capture only the particular game or the application which you choose from the dropdown list. You can choose any game or application which you want to broadcast.

Bigo Live Connector Download

Screen Capture: Bigo PC Connector will capture your entire screen. Whatever you do on your PC will get streamed live using this option.

Bigo Live Connector Download

Know about Bigo Live Wiki

Step 5: Once you have chosen your mode of live broadcasting, then open the Bigo Live app on your mobile and click the Go Live button in the middle.

Step 6: There will be two options

  1. Live – It will turn on your camera and make you Live. You can perform activities which will attract people. Example: You can sing a song to attract people. You can bring followers for you.
Bigo Live Connector Download
Bigo Live App – Go Live Page

2. Games – There are two modes of games.

  1. Mobile Games – If you are choosing mobile games, then you can give a title to the Go Live Game you are about to choose. Then select the game in the drop-down box and click go live. This option will open the game on your mobile and stream it online. You can see how many audiences you have for that particular game.
Bigo Live Connector Download
Bigo Live App – Mobile Game Page

2. Computer Games – If you are choosing a computer game, then scan the QR code from the Bigo Live Connector installed on your PC. It will automatically make your game stream online.

Bigo Live Connector Download
Bigo Live – Computer Game Connector Page

Step 7: Once you scan the QR code, You have already begun the Live show!

Bigo Live Connector Download
Bigo Live Screen – PC Game is broadcasting Live

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Hope this article provided you with sufficient information on the Bigo Live Connector application.

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