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What is Bigo Live? | Bigo Live Wiki: Live streaming applications are emerging in number, and one such on-growing broadcasting application is Bigo Live. It is a social tool that lets you connect with people from anywhere through live videos. Bigo Live enables you to share live broadcasts publically with just one click. Bigo Live is the most popular video broadcasting app on the mobile platform with which you can start your live stream and watch videos of the talented performers. Follow hundreds of people, channels and discover a whole new world of possibilities. Bigo Live is a video broadcaster that is based on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

One could showcase the hidden talents like dancing, singing, cooking and more. You can also talk about movies and its reviews, give makeup and fashion tutorials and much more based on your interest. Follow people from anywhere and get notifications when they are broadcasting. You can also be followed by your followers and other people with Bigo app. Any user of Bigo Live can communicate with their fans through messages. Bigo lets you interact with Star performers, YouTube celebrities, and Facebook top influencers.

What is Bigo Live
What is Bigo Live

Watch and upload live videos from anywhere at any time. Become the next international idol once after you broadcast your talents. Go live on videos and let people from all around you know your talents better. Bigo live PC video streamer has options to send virtual gifts to your favourite kind of people. It includes hearts, lollipops, flowers, and other gifts which you could send to your favourite broadcasters in real-time. Get lots of audiences and keep your followers active. You can also make free international and local calls to both the Bigo users and non-users of Bigo. At times when voice is not enough, you can talk to your people via video call at any time for free now with the Bigo Live iOS app.

With Bigo, the famous broadcasting application, live streaming has got a new trend. People who are extremely talented need not wait for a perfect moment or a stage to showcase oneself, rather download Bigo app for your smart device and show yourself and your talents right from the place where you are. Vlogging your life via Bigo is made simple so turn your life and the talent into a vlog, and you could even discover all the vlogs you love.

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Bigo Live Wiki

Bigo Live application is a live social and video streaming application. It was developed in March 2016 by a Singapore-based fastest-growing internet company named Bigo Technologies. Bigo app is an inexpensive social live video broadcasting application with Voice over Internet Protocol support. On gaining popularity in a short-term period, the broadcaster is being used all over the world with millions of people. Find out the talented people or let yourself showcase it in front of others with Bigo app.

Bigo Live Wiki
Bigo Live Wiki

Stream yourself live as it is extremely useful if you are a performer. If you want to stream your work online live without using any expensive methods, then Bigo Live is the best tool. It can also be used as a vlogging tool. The live broadcaster offers a stage for its user to publicise their skills and talents to the people to the whole world. The users are different from each other and so their skills.

Bigo is a social media application that works the best such that it motivates people and get into the world with socialistic kind of people. Bigo app not only lets you follow people, but it also has the option to make yourself follow channels and celebrities in real-time. Get updated officially about them and also get discoveries, new trends and a new range of collections from your favourite channels directly from Bigo Live.

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