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BIGO LIVE Apk is one of the excellent video streaming and chatting application for your Android device, which is also a wonderful video playing application. BIGO LIVE Apk is working as the best platform for showing your talents through live performance. Bigo Live Apk allows you to share all your favorite and interest with the audience. With that the help of the application, you can able broadcast some of your real-time talents such as dance, sing, comedy, cook, and a lot more. BIGO LIVE has the ability to support all your Android devices with that it can able to support all Windows versions like Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows XP, and for all Mac devices.

BIGO LIVE is one of the free applications, and it is the best platform for exposing all your talents and the app that allows you to interact with many peoples. Then in the live session of the app, you can able to contact different audiences. With that, the app allows you to follow some of your favorite broadcasts. At the beginning of any new broadcast, the app will push you a notification, where you can also send some gifts to any of your favorite broadcasters in real-time. BIGO LIVE Apk is developed with a number of gifts, and here you can select and send any gifts to your favorites like lollipops, hearts, and much more.


The BIGO LIVE application provides you with window-in-window chat capabilities. With the help of this feature, both the users can able to see one another at the time of speaking. Then the application that allows you to send a text message at the time of video chatting, the texted message will get appear in the video feeds, which is one of the notable features of the application when you compare it with other similar apps like Skype. Herewith Bigo Live for Android, you can able to meet and contact more than a million people all around the world, with that app will follow the latest posts of celebrities.


Features of BIGO LIVE Apk

The BIGO LIVE features are similar to Android features offers several advanced Chatting and Online Streaming features, and they are listed below

Top Broadcaster: In this BIGO LIVE app, the Star Broadcasters of the app will appear at the top of the list automatically, If you are interested to interact with the Star Broadcaster you have to make a click on the photo that is shown on the screen, with that you can able to see their broadcast on live.

Earn from the App: Here is the application that helps you to earn money from the app. In this application, someone may follow you, and they will send you some coins or Gifts, those coins can be converted into money.

Beans into Money: BIGO LIVE Apk lets you convert Beans into money with the help of the app features. Here, by using this feature, you have the ability to increase your earnings for that you have to attract and increase your followers.

Guest Live Feature: Guest Live Feature is the unique feature of the application, here the app allows you to talk with any of your favorite people on time. To communicate with your favorite people you have to invite your friends to co-live Your Broadcasting.

Terms and Conditions: The developers of the application has developed this app with strict rules and regulations all sort of users must follow the terms and conditions.

Talents: Bigo Live Apk allows you to share all your favorite and interests with the audience, with that the help of the application you can able broadcast some of your real-time talents such as dance, sing, comedy, cook, and a lot more.

Gifts: BIGO LIVE Android Apk is developed with a number of gifts, and here you can select and send any gifts to your favorites like lollipops, hearts, and much more.

Other Platforms: BIGO LIVE is available for all types of platforms like iOS, Blackberry, Windows, Tizen, etc.,

Specifications of BIGO LIVE for Android

Watch the space below for BIGO LIVE Apk Specifications.

Developer: BIGO LIVE
Release Date: March 2016
Category: Multimedia
Supported Operating Systems: Android
Languages: Multiple Languages
License: Freeware

How to download BIGO LIVE Apk on Android

To get BIGO LIVE on your Android device, you have to open the Google Play Store and just follow the procedures given below to download BIGO LIVE on your device.

Step 1: On your Android device, click on the Google Play Store icon from the app drawer to open it.

Step 2: In the Google Play Store, you will see the Search box located on the top of the screen. Click on it to type in as BIGO LIVE.

BIGO LIVE on Android Using Google Play Store
BIGO LIVE Apk on Android Using Google Play Store

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Step 3: The search results will be shown on your Android mobile and you have to select the BIGO LIVE app.

Step 4: Now on the app information screen, you have to click on the Install button. With this, BIGO Live app will get downloaded and installed automatically on your device

Step 5: Once the application is installed on your device, you have to click on the Open button to open it. Then register your account and access all the features of the BIGO LIVE app.

Download BIGO LIVE Apk for Android

Click the link to download Bigo Live Apk from the Play Store.

BIGO LIVE is also available for

As BIGO LIVE is a multiplatform application, you can able to experience the express streaming and chatting features. Moreover, the application perfectly fits all devices. The BIGO LIVE app is also available for the following devices.

How to use BIGO LIVE on Android

The BIGO LIVE application will get downloaded and installed on your Android device. In this app mostly, all the functions are quite similar. These are the step by step procedures to use the BIGO LIVE Apk on your Android device.

Step 1: Once after the download and installation of the Bigo Live app on Android device, you have to click on it to open it on your device.

Step 2: Now, a pop-up will appear asking to access your location. Click on Allow option.

Step 3: You can use Facebook, Twitter, email id, Google+ to sign up or login to Bigo Live.

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Step 4: The home screen will show you the list of popular broadcasts and you can click on it to watch it.

Step 5: You can go live and broadcast your talents or skills to the world.

Step 6: Make free video chats with one Bigo Live user or chat with a group of people.

Step 7: Connect with strangers to start a random chat with the Chat room section of the Bigo Live Android app.

Alternatives to BIGO LIVE for Android

BIGO LIVE is an excellent video streaming and broadcasting application for your Android Devices. Here you can able to view all your favorite broadcasters and shows on time without any hassle. The interface of BIGO LIVE is quite simple and easy to navigate. The app has many alternatives in the market; here we have some of the alternatives for BIGO LIVE.

Camfrog: Camfrog app is the wonderful replacement application for BIGO LIVE Apk Download. Here you can able to see all sorts of video chatting and broadcasting lively at a time.

Periscope: Periscope is one of the best alternative applications for BIGO LIVE Download Apk. It is an excellent video calling and messaging application, with that it allows you to chat with strangers as well.

To Conclude

BIGO LIVE is a multi-platform application, which can able to support all modern platform applications. Then the application offers you more freedom to share anything on your smartphone. The Android version of this application launched officially, but it can also be used on PCs as well. Bigo Live Apk is specially designed for mobile lovers, just install the app by following the above procedure.

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