Bigo Live PC Download

Bigo Live for PC Download: BIGO LIVE PC is one of the exciting and popular video streaming application for your PC. With that, it is an excellent video playing and broadcasting application for all your devices. Bigo Live application is used here for showing all your talents through live performance. Bigo Live for PC allows you to share all your interests with the audience. Moreover, the application that allows you to broadcast some of your talents or real-time abilities like dance, sing, comedy, cook and much more. Bigo Live PC has the ability to support for all sort of Windows platforms and other like Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows XP and for all Mac devices. Know What is Bigo Live?

The BIGO LIVE is a free installation app for all sort of devices, which is working as a wonderful platform to show all your talents, with that you can able to interact with all sort of peoples. Moreover, from this application, you can able to contact more audience on a Bigo live login session. Then the Bigo for PC allows you to follow all broadcasts, with that, it will push you any notification at the time of broadcast when it begins. Here from Bigo Live PC Download, you can able to send gifts to all your favorite broadcasters in real-time whenever you need.


The application designed with numerous varieties of gifts such as lollipops, hearts, and much more, which can be sent to any of your favorite persons. Moreover, the Bigo Live for PC Download allows you to check other apps from this application like Mobdro App, Cinema Box App, Voot App for just enjoying all sort of movies, TV Shows, Videos on your devices for free of cost. Initially, the BIGO LIVE PC app designed for mobile versions but now it can be used in desktop as well, which is a specially designed for the person who loves to engage in real-time video chats.

Features of BIGO LIVE PC

The BIGO LIVE App for PC offers you several advanced features to make Video Streaming, and they are listed below

Top Star Broadcasters: Bigo Live for PC app will show all the Star Broadcasters in the top of the screen automatically. If you are interested in interacting with those Star Broadcasters, you have to just make a click on the Photo that displayed on the screen, where you can able to watch their broadcast on live.

Beans into Money: Bigo Live PC app interface that allows you to convert Beans into money, by just using the BIGO LIVE app features. In the case, if you are interested in increasing you’re earning through the app, you have to attract the number of followers.

Earn from the App: BIGO LIVE app for PC helps you to earn money. In this application, any of your favorite people may send some gifts to you like Gift or Coins, where you can able to convert those gifts and coins into money.

Features of BIGO LIVE PC
Features of BIGO LIVE

Guest Live Feature: Guest Live Feature is an excellent and unique feature of the Bigo for PC, which allows you to talk with any of your favorite broadcasters or friends. If you want to do this, you have to invite all your friends to co-live Broadcasting.

Terms and Conditions: BIGO LIVE for PC is designed with more strict rules and regulations, which should be followed by all the user. The main terms and conditions of the application are that you are not supposed to use Vulgar words, Nudity, Smoking or Harassing something during live streaming.

Talents: Moreover, the Bigo Live PC allows you to broadcast some of your talents or real-time abilities like dance, sing, comedy, cook and much more.

Gifts: The application designed with numerous varieties of gifts such as lollipops, hearts, and much more, which can be sent to any of your favorite persons.

Other Platforms: BIGO LIVE is available for all types of platforms like Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows, Tizen, etc.,


Watch the space below for BIGO LIVE PC Specifications

Release Date: March 2016
Category: Video Streaming
Supported Operating Systems: Multi-Platform
Languages: Multiple Languages
License: Freeware

The BIGO LIVE broadcasting application is working as the best platform for exposing your talents to the audience. Then it can able to work on all sort of devices. Here you can download Bigo Live PC application for your Desktop.

How to Install BIGO LIVE on PC

To install BIGO LIVE for PC of your devices, you can either opt for the web version or download an emulator to use it on PC.

  • Download and install BlueStacks emulator on your desktop from its official web page.
  • Provide your Google Gmail id and password to login to BlueStacks app player.
  • You will be taken to the home screen of BlueStacks where you have to click on the Google Play Store icon.
  • Type in the search bar of Google Play Store as BIGO LIVE and click on the magnifier icon or Search Play option.
  • You will see a list of apps along with BIGO LIVE app and you should click on the logo.
  • Click on the Install button on the next screen to download BIGO LIVE for PC from Play Store.
  • When the download and installation of BIGO LIVE app get completed, you have to go for the Bigo Live Sign up as to use all its salient features on PC.

BIGO LIVE Web Version

  • You have to go to the official web page of BIGO LIVE on your desktop.
  • Click on Login option from the top of the screen.
  • Provide your country code and enter the phone number.
  • Click on the Send button to get a verification code and type in on the respective field.
  • Provide a password and sign up with the BIGO LIVE web version to access its features.

BIGO LIVE is available for

As BIGO LIVE is the multiplatform application, you can able to experience the Live broadcasting features. Moreover, the application perfectly fits all sort of devices. The BIGO LIVE app is also available for the following devices.

How to use BIGO LIVE for PC

The BIGO LIVE application will get download and installed on your device, from the home page of the application. In Bigo Live for PC app mostly, all the functions of the are similar to the Android app. These are the procedures for using the BIGO LIVE PC application on your device.

  • Once after Bigo Live download and installation, you have to open it on your device.
  • Bigo Live will be prompted for accessing your location. So click on Allow option.
  • The next screen will show you the different options with which you can sign up with Bigo Live app like Facebook, email, Twitter, etc.
  • Upon opening the Bigo Live app, you will see the popular feeds from different Bigo Live broadcasters.
  • You can choose to go live and broadcast your talents as live performance using Bigo Live app.
  • Bigo Live has the option to let you chat over video and messages or get connected with strangers.


The BIGO LIVE application designed with a special ability that is window-in-window chat, where both the user of the application can able see one another at the time of speaking. Bigo allows you to do text or messages during the time of video calling or chatting. The sent message will get appear in the video feeds, which is one of the notable special benefits when you were comparing the app with other mainstream applications like Skype. With Bigo Live, you can able to connect with millions of users all around the world using Bigo Live Connector, where you can able to follow all the latest celebrity posts.


Best Alternatives to BIGO LIVE

BIGO LIVE for PC is the excellent Live Streaming application for your devices. Here you can able to expose all your talents to the audience all around the world without any hassle. The app has many alternatives in the market; here we have some of the alternatives for BIGO LIVE application.

Periscope: Periscope is an excellent and wonderful video calling and broadcasting application for your device, where you can able to be in touch with all the people in the world. is an amazing video chatting application, with that it is the best-replacing application for Bigo Live web. Here you can able to contact lively with all your friends.

Facebook: Facebook is an excellent alternative app to BIGO LIVE Download for PC. Now the Facebook app is running as a best social networking application of all around the world.

Tango: Tango is the best replacement for Bigo Live for PC Download. Here you can able to broadcast all your talents as well as you can select the person with similar interest for your date.

Top 5 Reviews of BIGO LIVE

“I feel that BIGO LIVE on PC is working as the best platform to show all our talents to the world. Then you can see other talents and follow them if you wish” – Klark

“Bigo Live is an excellent application, here I can able to meet new friends, and I can share all my interests with them” – Dasiy

” It is only an entertaining application here you can able to earn money, it increases my income as well” – Charly

“My friend said about Bigo Live PC Download, I created an account now I have more new friends, and so many people follow me by seeing the broadcasts” – Emy Natasha

“BIGO LIVE for PC is an extraordinary live streaming application, I saw many of my favorite broadcasters live shows, and I did some shows in the app as well” – John Marry